Completing research with Dr. Ulmer has been a great opportunity…I have gained real-life experience in the Criminology field. Being able to work with a faculty member and gain insight into a new subject matter…has been invaluable.

ErinDoolin Headshot

I will forever treasure this opportunity because it has undoubtedly put more clarity into what I want to do with my life. This internship has allowed me the chance to increase my proximity to the world of incarcerated individuals far more than any other experience.

Stephanie Perez Headshot

Interning at SCI Rockview in their Reentry Services allowed me to expand my interests into parole and probation, eventually teaching two classes to inmates in a course myself and a fellow intern developed. The connections I made with professors at PSU and staff at SCI Rockview were invaluable, and I highly encourage everyone to explore as many options as possible through academic or internship involvement.

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I am so thankful for the opportunity to research within the Criminal Justice Research Center and am currently using some of the data to supplement my thesis, which focuses on the importance of reentry programs on reducing recidivism rates.

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I was able to conduct research through the McNair Scholars Program with Dr. Derek Kreager to analyze the role that fatherhood may play in the reentry process for men with substance abuse issues. I hope to continue my research with incarcerated and recently released populations as I pursue a doctoral degree upon completion of my undergraduate studies.

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