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Position Purpose

This is non-supervisory position responsible for conducting investigative work of a highly confidential nature involving alleged violations of the State Ethics Act by public officials and public employees.  The course and scope of an investigation is usually determined by a superior but the incumbent exercises his own judgement and decision on techniques to carry out the assignment when in the field.  The employee is responsible for completion of assigned investigations from the initiation of a preliminary inquiry, through the completion of an Investigative Complaint/Findings Report. 

Description of Duties

  1. The duties and responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
  2. Collects, evaluates and develops evidence and prepares it for orderly presentation to prosecuting officers of the Commission
  3. Conducts or assists in the conduct of investigations into suspected violations of the State Ethics Act.
  4. Develops informants to obtain information.
  5. Procures and examines personal records such as deeds and wills, contracts, bank statements, business records and public documents.
  6. Interviews respondents and witnesses to obtain evidence, admissions and confessions.
  7. Evaluates sources of information to determine reliability.
  8. Uses investigative apparatus such as electronic and photographic equipment of all types.
  9. Confers with supervisors concerning the scope and conduct of investigations.
  10. Appears at Commission hearings and criminal trials and offers testimony as a prosecution witness.
  11. Prepares reports of interviews, reports of investigative activity and findings reports on investigations.
  12. Conducts compliance reviews of Statements of Financial Interests.
  13. Conducts background investigations of applicants being considered for employment with the Commission. 
  14. Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director and/or the Deputy Executive Director/Director of Investigations.

Decision Making

The duties of this position involve independent judgment concerning the processes to be followed, the appropriateness of the information to be processed and the actions taken.  Work is performed with some independence and is evaluated through progress reports on each phase of the investigation and through periodic conferences with senior team members and superiors.  The results of investigations often have broad political and administrative impact within state and local government.

Requirements Profile

  1. Two years of experience in criminal investigation work and a bachelor’s degree or any equivalent combination of experience and training.
  2. Valid driver’s license and ability to operate an automobile.

Essential Functions

  1. Knowledge of the principles and methods of criminal investigations and law enforcement.
  2. Knowledge of state government and business operations.
  3. Knowledge of the basic rules of evidence.
  4. Knowledge of the principles and practices of accounting.
  5. Knowledge of the applicable statutes, court decisions, interpretations and administrative rulings pertaining to violations of state laws.
  6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in all public contacts.
  7. Ability to use technical investigative equipment.
  8. Skill in ascertaining facts by personal contact and observation and the examination of records.
  9. Ability to read and write the English language effectively.
  10. Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and written format, in a clear, concise manner
  11. Must be able to operate standard investigative/office equipment e.g. computer, mobile telephone, dictation device.

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