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Philly DA Undergrad Internship


The Undergraduate Internship Program is designed to give undergraduate students exposure to the prosecutor's role in the Philadelphia criminal justice system and for the Office to scout perspective employees. At the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, interns are an integral part of our workforce. Students gain exposure to criminal case prosecution and are given responsibility, meaningful work, and a chance to leave their mark.

  • Interns will be given the opportunity to observe the various aspects of criminal case prosecution.
  • Interns may be asked to accompany assistant district attorney to court.
  • Interns may be assigned clerical tasks.
  • Interns may be assigned transcription of tapes from prison phone calls.
  • Interns may be assigned to organization and/or analysis of trial files, including responsibilities on a discovery.
  • Interns may be assigned interviews or other interface with victims and/or witnesses.
  • Interns may be assigned other duties with regard to the support of an assistant district attorney in the course of preparing for trial.
  • Interns will be directly supervised by an assistant district attorney or paralegal and under the general supervision of the Internship Coordinator.

Students are required to give the office a minimum of 15 hours per week during the spring and fall semesters and a minimum of 24 hours per week in the summer. If a student is performing the internship for academic credit, it is the student's responsibility to communicate the institutional requirements to the Office. All undergraduate internship positions are unpaid.

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