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SCI Rockview Rotational Internship

SCI Rockview Rotational Internship

Desired Skills:
Self-motivated, team player, diligent, listening skills, responsible, ability to engage clients

This internship provides students the opportunity to work with prison staff to observe the different departments within the institution and the variety of housing units. The ultimate goal is to experience how all departments contribute to the offender reentry process, specifically as part of the Re-Entry Services Office (RSO) at State Correctional Institution Rockview located in Bellefonte, PA.  The RSO prepares offenders for community reintegration.  The program strives to enhance public safety and to assure good outcomes for offenders during the reintegration process.

Interns will assist a myriad of staff throughout the institution in relation to community reintegration.    Duties include observing the integrated delivery of services including housing, employment, medical, mental health, and alcohol and other drug-related services for reentry offenders.  Interns will assist with recruitment and development of supportive services for re-entry offenders to provide ongoing support and services needed to successfully reintegrate into the community and to sustain healthy, crime-free lifestyles. 

Interns will be challenged to assist with coordinating the delivery of integrated services, case management, gathering and reporting data, and writing/presenting a variety of reports during the reentry process.  Interns will participate in activities to include meetings and other communications and developing/implementing project policies/procedures at SCI-Rockview.

Students interested in rehabilitation, education, corrections, criminology, sociology, psychology or public policy would be a good fit for this internship.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 18 years of age
  • Must have transportation to and from institutions
  • Junior or senior year of study
  • Applicants should not have been convicted of, pleaded guilty to, or entered a plea to any felony charge
  • Misdemeanor charges may be a reason for dismissal from the application process and will be considered on a case by case basis

Students should expect to spend approximately 150 hours in the internship per semester, which is equivalent to 3 internship credits (i.e. LA 495).

Accepted applicants will be required to complete a security clearance process and orientation, to include processing into a biometric security system, photo ID, and tuberculin (TB) skin test.

Interns will be expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times during their internship.
Bellefonte, PA


Desired Major(s):
Labor and Employment Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Human Resources and Employment Relations, Criminology, Education

Additional Documents:
Resume, cover letter and other documents
-Submit a cover letter stating, at a minimum, your reasons for applying to the internship along with your relevant qualifications and expectations of the internship program
-Submit a resume that includes at least three professional references with contact information
-Additional consent materials, security forms, and criminal history information will be collected from accepted applicants

Contact Information:
Rebecca Reitz
Outreach and Enrichment Coordinator
Justice Center for Research
The Pennsylvania State University