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Board of Advisors

Eric Baumer

  • PSU Representative
  • Head, Department of Sociology and Criminology
  • Professor of Sociology and Criminology

Scott Bennett

  • PSU Representative
  • College of the Liberal Arts Associate Dean for Research, Distinguished Research Professor

Mark Bergstrom

  • Agency Partner
  • Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing

Pat Brinkley

  • Agency Partner
  • Major, Pennsylvania State Police

Bret Bucklen

  • Agency Partner
  • Research Director, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Dana Haynie

  • External Academic
  • The Ohio State University, Professor of Sociology

John Kramer

  • Alumni Representative
  • Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Criminology

Candace Kruttschnitt

  • External Academic
  • University of Toronto, Professor of Sociology

Megan Kurlychek

  • External Academic
  • University at Albany, SUNY, School of Criminal Justice, Associate Professor, Executive Director Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center

Susan McHale

  • PSU Representative
  • Social Science Research Institute Director
  • Distinguished Professor of Human Development and Family Studies and Professor of Demography

Ricardo Nunez

  • Alumni Representative
  • Administration of Justice ‘79

Glenn Sterner

  • PSU Representative
  • Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Abington
  • Criminal Justice Research Center Postdoctoral Scholar Alumni

Michael Wagner

  • Alumni Representative
  • Administration of Justice ‘95